The Pokemon World

You've just walked into my Pokemon shrine! There are all sorts of Pokemon to find here. Can you catch them all?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Taillow from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, happy!

I think that the best Pokemon games aren't just about creature collection. Because of that, my favourite Pokemon games are the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red Rescue Team games. The way the game works (and how you're put into the shoes of a pokemon, so the other pokemon are your peers) makes it feel like you're really building a team and fighting with them. Yeah, it also has its flaws, but I think that it's as close to an ideal Pokemon game as it's possible to get.

I think the cave exploring mechanic is really good, and with some up-to-date procedural generation it could be awesome. I've heard the Switch remake is pretty good, but I haven't got around to buying or playing it yet.

Pikachu translator

What's that? You don't speak Pokemon? That's okay, my patented pokemon translator is here to help!

Translator Pikachu!

Trainer card

Lemonsoda's trainer card! All the johto badges, and a team of Jolteon, Scyther, Mightyena, Vulpix, Sealeo, and Nidoran M.
  1. Go south, to the entrance
  2. Go east, to the tar pit